2014 Changbai Mountain International Eco-Forum & International Alliance of Protected Areas Annual Meeting, China ?


?????????????? Workshop 1: The inheritance and development of ecological culture


Time 時間: 13:30 — 18:00, 10th Sept.? 9月10日
Location地點: The main venue of the forum長白山國際生態論壇主會場
Chairs主持人: Bing Zheng邴正,? ?Zhuang Guiyang莊貴陽
Sheng Lianxi盛連喜 Treasure high quality natural endowment, innovate green development model. 珍惜優質自然稟賦,創新綠色發展模式
Liu Baodang劉保黨 The nature of Chinese Culture. 中國文化的本性
Zhuang Guiyang莊貴陽 Low carbon path of ecological civilization construction. 生態文明建設的低碳路徑
Hans Thulstrup Experiences and lessons from UNESCO’s site-based networks. 聯合國教科文組織保護地工作網絡的經驗和教訓
BaoGuozhang包國章 Relationship between ecology and culture. 生態與文化的關系
Sun Shijun孫世軍 The concept and conservation management strategy of Greater Changbai Mountain. 大長白山理念及保護管理對策
Bing Zheng邴正 Put forth effort to promote the construction of ecological civilization and the harmonious development of man and nature.大力推進生態文明建設與人與自然的和諧發展
SunRuomei孫若梅 Ecological culture and Chinese modern agricultural development. 生態文化與中國現代農業發展
John MacKinnon Red Lining as a tool to assist in PA management in China. 利用紅線為工具促進中國保護地的管理
Liu Fuseng劉福森 Several philosophical concepts which must be beyond in ecological philosophy. 生態哲學必須超越的幾個哲學觀念
Jeffrey McNeely Culture of the nature, or the nature of culture. 自然的文化還是文化的自然
Wang Deli王德利 Biodiversity— the cornerstone on which Changbai Mountain lives. 生物多樣性——長白山賴以生存的基石


  1. Communication meeting of IAPA/ISZS 國際自然保護區聯盟(國際動物學會)交流會

Time時間:??????? 20:00 — 21:30?? 10 Sept.? 9月10日

Location地點:????? The branch venue of the forum長白山國際生態論壇分會場

Participants參會人員:Representatives from international and national conservation organizations and protected areas.國內外保護地及保護組織代表。


Introduction of International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS) and IAPA


Every representative has about 2 mins to introduce their units and give suggestion to the working plan of IAPA in 2104-2015.



  1. Workshop 3: Protected Area Conservation and Management (11th Sept.)


Time時間: 8:00 – 18:30?? 11 Sept.? 911
Location地點: The main venue of the forum 長白山國際生態論壇主會場

Session 1. Protected Area System (8:00-9:05)? 會議1:自然保護區體系

Chairs主持人: Kathy MacKinnon
08:00 – 08:05 Introduction開場介紹
08:05 – 08:20 Robert Cartwright Protected Area management in UK National Parks: the benefits of a shared vision and plan; current priorities and challenges for the UK’s protected landscapes. 英國國家公園聯盟的保護地管理:共同愿景和計劃的優勢;目前英國景觀的保護優先及挑戰
08:20 – 08:35 ValeriyNeronov,

Igor Kalmykov,

Tatiana Yashina

Main features of Russian mountain biosphere reserves and achievements of Altaisky and Katunsky BRs in conservation of biological / landscape diversity and in transboundary cooperation. 俄羅斯山地生物圈保護區主要特征及Altaisky和Katunsky生物圈保護區的生物和景觀多樣性保護、跨界保護的成就
08:35 – 08:50 Jennifer Thomsen SAMAB and the Renewal of the US Biosphere Reserve Program: Opportunities and Challenges.南阿巴拉契亞生物圈保護區聯合會及美國生物圈保護區項目的復興:機遇和挑戰
08:50 – 09:05 Jeffrey McNeely Innovative Funding Mechanisms for Protected Areas in Thailand. 泰國保護地的創新融資機制



Session 2: Sustainable development in PAs (9:05-12:00) 會議2:自然保護區的可持續發展

Chairs主持人: Hans Thulstrup
09:05 – 09:10 Introduction 開場介紹
09:10 – 09:25 Kathy MacKinnon Natural Solutions: Protected Areas helping People to Cope with Development and Environmental Challenges. 自然的解決方案:保護地幫助人類應對發展及環境的挑戰
09:25 – 09:40 AnirudhChaoji To make Eco-Tourism an important agenda of any P.A. Conservation Model.推動生態旅游成為保護地保護工作的一個重要內容
09:40 – 09:55 Paul Green Enhancing sustainable tourism and ecosystem services protection through Natural World Heritage Designation.通過世界自然遺產地評定促進可持續旅游和生態系統服務保護
09:55 – 10:10 TuvshinbatTsedendash Mongolian Altai range SPA management: Introduction of ecotourism. 蒙古阿爾泰區特別保護地的管理:生態旅游介紹
10:10 – 10:25 Tea Break? 茶歇
10:25 – 10:40 Tin Mya Soe Current situation of Na Ma Taung National Park: focus on awareness program, reduce shifting cultivation practices, and promote ecotourism destination. 維多利亞山國家公園現狀:集中提升保護意識,減少刀耕火種耕作方式,推動生態旅游
10:40 – 10:55 Thivhulawi?Nethononda The co-existence of the Mining and Biodiversity in developed states. 在發展中國家采礦與生物多樣性的共存模式
10:55 – 11:10 Xie Yan 解焱 Protected Area Friendly System in China. 中國保護地友好體系
11:10 – 11:25 MonkhooAnkhbayar Main activities of 2013 in Uvs Lake Strictly Protected Areas: Local people are the key stakeholders. 烏蘇布湖嚴格保護地2013年的主要工作:當地人是關鍵的利益相關者
11:25 – 11:40 MongkolKamsook Wildlife Conservation and Human’s Conflict Management in Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand.泰國Um Phang野生生物避難所野生動物的保護與人類沖突的管理
11:40 – 11:55 Er. Arjun B. Neupane Annapurna Conservation Area: First & Largest Protected Area in Nepal. Annapurna保護地:尼泊爾最早最大的保護地


Lunch 12:00-13:00


Session 3. Scientific Researches in PAs (13:30-18:30 ) 會議3:自然保護區的科學研究

Chairs主持人: Jeff McNeely
13:30 – 13:35 Introduction 開場介紹
13:35 – 13:50 Chunxu Han韓春緒 Biological Consequences of Global Change. 全球變化的生物學效應
13:50 – 14:05 Frederik Venter The changing face of conservation in Kruger National Park. 克魯格國家公園保護的變化
14:05 – 14:20 Tatiana Yashina Katunskiy Biosphere Reserve: Conserving Melting Beauty of Siberia In Changing World. Katunskiy生物圈保護區:在不斷變化的世界中保護逐漸消失的美麗的西伯利亞
14:20 – 14:35 Salman Rasheed Ecological Restoration for Protected Areas: A Perspective From Parks Canada.加拿大公園的生態恢復
14:35 – 14:50 KedarPaudel Ecosystem Based Adaptation Practices in Panchase Protected Forest of Nepal. 尼泊爾Panchase森林保護地生態系統保護實踐
14:50 – 15:05 NurpanaSulaksono Restoration at Mount Merapi National Park area, Indonesia: An Integrated Action in facing nature behaviour and Improving Ecosystem Service.印度尼西亞默拉皮火山國家公園的重建:針對自然的行為提高生態系統功能的綜合行動
15:05 – 15:20 Tea Break? 茶歇
15:20 – 15:35 Daria Panicheva Experience of the Kronotsky reserve in Nature protection, scientific research and environmental education. 克羅諾基保護區自然保護、科學研究和環境教育的經驗
15:35 – 15:50 Gan Xiaojing 干曉靜 Guidelines on biodiversity monitoring in protected areas. 保護地生物多樣性監測指南
15:50 – 16:05 MoiseevEvgenii The experience of the Sikhote-Alin Reserve for long-term monitoring of ungulate populations and the Amur tiger. 錫霍特阿林保護區東北虎及有蹄類種群長期監測的經驗
16:05 – 16:20 Shen Limin諶利民 Demonstration of monitoring technical protocol for nature reserves in China.中國自然保護區監測技術規范示范
16:20 – 16:35 IuliiaBurkova Scientific research and popularization of scientific data on the “Land of the Leopard” National park”. 豹地國家公園的科學研究及科學數據的科學普及
16:35 – 16:50 АbibillaTemirbaev The status of natural protected areas of the Kyrgyz Republic吉爾吉斯共和國的自然保護地現狀
16:50 – 17:05 Tea Break? 茶歇


Session 4: Cooperation among PAs (17:05-18:40)? 會議4:自然保護區之間的合作

Chairs主持人: John MacKinnon
17:05 – 17:10 Introduction開場介紹
17:10 – 17:25 Gordon McGregor Reid The major trans-boundary challenges in conserving critically endangered Chinese freshwater fishes, frogs and other aquatic taxa in protected areas. 中國保護地極危淡水魚、蛙及其他水生生物跨界保護的挑戰
17:25 – 17:40 Spike Millington How to Strengthen PA Networks to Protect Migratory Species Across Their Ranges. 如何加強保護遷徙物種的保護地網絡
17:40 – 17:55 Brian Glaspell Seeking effective ways for continued communication and partnerships to promote the cooperative agreement between Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska and Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve, China. 尋求有效的持續的溝通方式和合作伙伴關系促進阿拉斯加北極野生動物避難所與長白山保護區之間的合作協議
17:55 – 18:10 Tri SiswoRahardjo Collaborative Management In Conservation Area: A Case Study In GunungHalimunSalak National Park. 保護地的協同管理:以GunungHalimunSalak國家公園為例
18:10 – 18:25 PhanaschakornBhodhibundit Huay-yang Waterfall National Park: A Small Protected Area with high Biodiversity in the Border of Thailand and Myanmar. 懷揚瀑布國家公園:泰緬邊境生物多樣性豐富的小型保護地
18:25 – 18:40 Piero Schneider Environment Protection in Italy. Future perspectives for international cooperation and exchange. “China Italy Green Bridge”: a dedicated platform to promote and improve cooperation between Chinese and Italian Protected Areas. 意大利環境保護:國際交流與合作的未來前景,搭建促進中國和意大利保護地合作的”中意綠橋”



  1. Preparatory Conference of International Alliance of Protected Areas


Time時間:??????? 14:00 — 18:00?? 12 Sept.? 9月12日

Location地點:????? The branch venue of the forum 長白山國際生態論壇分會場

Participants參會人員:Members of “International Alliance of Protected Areas”, and other units are also welcomed to participate as observers.“國際自然保護區聯盟”會員單位,歡迎其他單位作為觀察員參加。

Main agenda主要議程:

Chairs主持人:HAN Chunxu, the Secretary-General of International Society of Zoological Sciences

韓春緒, 國際動物學會秘書長

14:00-14:20 Report on the preparation situation of “International Alliance of Protected Areas “to the General Assembly by representative of the founders.  

Li Zhihong

由發起人代表向大會報告“國際自然保護區聯盟”籌建情況 李志宏
14:20-15:00 Discuss the “Statutes of International Alliance of Protected Areas(draft)”


15:00-15:20 Nominate the candidate lists of Executive Committee Members and Secretariat Members of IAPA by the Committee of First General Assembly


Vote for Chairman of the Executive Committee members, Secretary General candidates.



Wang Sung


15:20-15:30 Speech by the representative of the candidates of the Executive Committee Members


15:30-15:50 Nominate the candidate lists of Consultative Committee member of IAPA by the Committee of First General Assembly



Wang Sung


15:50-16:00 Speech by the representative of the candidates of the Consultative Committee Members


16:00-16:30 Tea break茶歇
16:30-17:30 Discuss the proposed draft of work plan of IAPA in 2014 -2015 and the proposed draft of Date and Place for Second General Assembly in 2015



Kathy MacKinnon

17:30-18:00 Closing 閉幕