Brief introduction of the 2015 IAPA Annual Meeting

?Name of Event

The 2015 Annual Meeting of International Alliance of Protected Areas

Duration and Venue

Duration: October 10th -15th??

Venue: Muyu town, Shennongjia Forestry District, Hubei China


Opening and Cooperation – The Road to Conservation


Hosting organizer

The IAPA Preparatory Committee

People’s Government of Shennongjia Forestry District

Sponsor organizer

Jilin Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve

Hubei Shennongjia National Nature Reserve


  • IAPA Preparatory Committee members, delegates from IAPA members and observers
  • Delegates from important international & domestic organizations and professional institutes
  • Delegates from related government agencies


  • The Opening Ceremony of the 2015 IAPA Annual Meeting
  • Experience sharing symposium of IAPA members
  • Discussion of the challenges in protected area management
  • Protected area management training workshop
  • Discussion of the future development of protected areas
  • Field trip in Shennongjia Nature Reserve


Itinerary & Activities


Date Time Activities Chair
October 11th, Sunday The Opening Ceremony of the IAPA 2015 Annual Meeting  




Wang Daxing
















Welcome speech – Li Faping,? District Mayor of Shennongjia Forestry District

Speech – Xie Zhongyan,Director General of Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve Management Bureau/Director,Changbai Mountain Protection Development Zone Management Committee/Chair, Executive Committee of IAPA

International Protected Area Management Status – John MacKinnon, Chair of Advisory Committee of IAPA

Introduction of the meeting – Xie Yan, Chief Scientist, Executive Committee of IAPA

09:20-10:00 Group photo & Tea break
Experience Sharing Symposium of IAPA Members  





John MacKinnon




























1、The Conservation and Scientific Research Status of Shennongjia Nature Reserve – Wang Daxing

2、Climate Change and Protected Areas: Challenges and Responses- Jeff McNeely

3、The Appliance of SMART Patrolling System in the Management of Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve – Li Jingong

4、Management of Protected Areas in Transboundary Context: Experience from Katunskiy Biophere Reserve and Transboundary Reserve “Altai”- Alexander Zateev,

12:00-14:00 Lunch break















5、The Monitoring, Survey and Conservation Practice of Giant Panda of Wanglang National Nature Reserve – Zhao Lianjun

6、Kruger National Park Conservation Overview and the Cooperation with Tangjiahe Nature Reserve – Frederik VENTER

7、Wildlife Monitoring Scheme by International Society of Zoological Sciences/MAB National Committee of China – Han Chunxu

8、Sustainability Practices in Conservation Area – Arjun Bhakta Neupane





Jeff McNeely




16:00-16:30 Tea break
Discussion: Challenges in Protected Area Management  




Han Chunxu












Group discussion: All attendee will be divided into 4 groups and discuss the challenges in protected area management and priority of each.

Report of each group and decide on 4 key problems to be addressed.

Welcoming banquet by Peoples Government of Shennongjia Forestry District















October 12th, Monday

Protected Area Management Training Workshop  












Frederik VENTER








1、Training on the Appliance of SMART Patrolling System – Ren Yi

2、Management Level Indicator System of Protected Areas – John Mackinnon

3、Biodiversity Monitoring and Management of Nature Reserves – Xie Yan

10:30-10:50 Tea break








4、The Asian Protected Areas Partnership (APAP) As A Platform for Strengthening Regional Collaboration in Protected Area Management – Amran Hamzah

5、A new outlook into Conservation.

Empowering youth from Tiger Reserve neighbouring villages through Capacity Building.- Anirudh CHAOJI

12:10-14:00 Lunch break





6、Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Finance for Protected Areas – Jeff McNeely

7、An Assessment of mechanism of Payment for (forest) Ecosystem Services at the Panchase Protected Forest – Kedar PAUDEl




John Mackinnon

Discussion: Key Points for Improvement in Protected Area Management and IAPA’s Work Plan of the Next Year  




Xie Yan




1、All attendee will be divided into 4 groups and raise solutions for major problems in protected area management and advise on IAPA’s work plan of the next year.
16:20-16:40 Tea break



2、Report of each group and decide on IAPA’s work plan of the next year

3、Closing Ceremony of the IAPA 2015 Annual Meeting

October 13th, Tuesday 08:00-11:30 Cultural ecotourism survey of Tianshengqiao and Shennong Altar  







12:00-14:00 Lunch at Shennong Villa



1、Visit the molecule lab, museum and ecological garden in Guanmenshan

2、Visit the video surveillance center of Shennongjia Nature Reserve and Shennongjia Tourism Group Co.Ltd

October 14th, Wednesday 08:30-11:00 3、Field survey on the resources management and protection of Yinyuhe Administration Station, Dalongtan Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Base and Jinhouling primitive forest Shennongjia


11:30-12:30 Lunch at Shennongying








4、Field survey on the vegetation of the primitive forest at Taiziya;

5、Field survey on the (ice peeled) stone forest, grassland and bushwood at Banbiyan;

6、Field survey on the forest fire tower, Shennong Valley watershed of Yangtze and Han River, fault landform of Baiyunyan.

18:00-19:00 Dinner at Shennong Villa
20:00-21:00 7、Culture & art Eco performance at Yandi Theatre: Strike it, Shennongjia’s Banggu drum!
October 15th, Thursday 07:30-08:00 Breakfast ???? ?Shennongjia
08:00-12:00 Departure: see off at Yichang airport/East railway station and Shennongjia airport

Note: Any adjustment to the above activities will be informed to participants.