Yunnan Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve, China

Gaoligongshan reserve is typically a forest and wildlife reserve, which established in 1983 with the permission of the people’s government of Yunnan Province, and was upgraded to national nature reserve in 1986. In 2000, the reserve brought Nujiang reserve into its district. The reserve (N24°56′~28°23′, E98°08′~98°53′) is located in the northwest of Yunnan, border on Myanmar and Tibet. With the total area of 4052 km2, Gaoligong reserve is the largest reserve in Yunnan, in which four fifths (3237 km2) is in Nujiang prefecture comprising 3 parts respectively in Gongshan, Fugong and Lushui counties.

The reserve mainly protect the landscapes of mid-mountain humid evergreen broad-leaved forests, alpine temperate and cold temperate coniferous forests, forests with high biodiversity, rare animals and plants and endemic species. Outstanding features of this reserve include the large numbers of endemic and relic species. Among the 4303 plant species in 1086 genus of 210 families in the reserve, 434 species are endemic to Gaoligong Mountain. Species belong to the first class of protected plants include Taxus wallichiana, Taxus chinensis, Alcimandra cathcardii, and?Davidia involuclata. Among 582 vertebrates in 106 families of 36 orders in the reserve, 20 species have been in the first class of protected animals of China, including Taxus chinensis, Hoolock hoolock, Taxus chinensis, Neofelis nebulosa, Lophophorus sclateri?and so on, 47 species belong tho the second class of protection of China, and 5 are protected in Yunnan Province. In addition, Rhinopithecus strykeri, the fifth snub-nosed monkey have been found in reserve in 2011.