2017/2018 Workplan of International Alliance of Protected Areas

2017/2018 Workplan?of International Alliance of Protected Areas


Plan Relevant By-law code Leader Deadline
1. Based on IUCN-WCPA best practice guidelines and updated practices, prepare simple guidelines on following topics
l?Wildlife monitoring 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 Yan Xie /?Dale Miquelle / ISZS PA working group Draft before the end of 2017
l?Community sustainable development 3.6 Yan Xie?/Jeff McNeely
l?Nature education 3.5 Xingna?Shen /?Freek Venter
l?Practices and revise 3.2~3.6 All Members Final version before 2018 Annual Meeting
2. Promote the partnership among PA members, for example, sister PAs as Changbaishan NR and Alaska Sanctuary or Alin NR, Kruger NP and Tangjiahe NR 3.1 Relevant members Before 2018 Annual Meeting
3. Organize an exchange trip to one IAPA member. IAPA secretariat would inform all IAPA members about the trip so that they can join based on their own costs 3.1 Secretariat?and relevant members Before 2018 Annual Meeting
4. Prepare ahead and conduct training on Ecotourism, Ecosystem Restoration and Climate Change during IAPA 2018 Annual Meeting in Changbaishan. 3.1 Yan Xie/ John MacKinnon March 2018
5. Develop framework of the report that PA member should submit and presentations during annual meeting to make sure that the information more valuable 5.3, 7.2 Jeff McNeely July 2018
6. Establish a 3 people working group on modification of the By Laws before next annual meeting 15 Yan Xie/ Jeff McNeely August 2018
7. Provide a membership certificate to IAPA members so that they can display it in their office, etc. which would raise the visibility of IAPA 7.1 Secretariat Before the end of 2017
8. Organize a prize for PA that host annual meeting 5.4 Secretariat Before the end of 2017
9. Promote members via website?and other ways 7.1 Secretariat and members All year
10. Production of IAPA?Newsletters 12 Secretariat Before 2018 Annual Meeting