Welcome to Join IAPA

Membership to the IAPA is only open to management units of protected areas in the world. Protected areas should join the IAPA as an organization. IAPA is an important platform for PA managers to exchange information, discuss common issues and develop work plan together for PA conservation, with help from top experts in the world.

IAPA will focus on following topics with support of member protected areas in the world:

  1. Develop cooperation and communication mechanisms between the world’s PAs to share advanced conservation management policies and technologies and jointly improve management standards of PAs;
  2. Discuss and share species survey and monitoring methods, unify monitoring technologies, and promote the application of monitoring methods that allow comparative studies and analyses and facilitate information sharing system among members;
  3. Formulate a unified conservation strategy and survey and monitoring methods for long distance migratory endangered species, and jointly promote trans-regional endangered species conservation and monitoring.
  4. Investigate and monitor the impact of global climate change on biodiversity and cooperate on responses. Develop standards of indicators, technologies and databases, enhance information sharing, and share scientific data for mitigating the impact of global climate change.
  5. Promote conservation education and eco-tourism, enhance public awareness of the PA conservation, and reduce the threats to PAs. Improve the social status and influence of PAs, and increase support to PAs from society.
  6. Explore sustainable development strategies in order to provide consults and guidance for the synergetic development between local community conservation and economic growth.

?Welcome join us to preserve the best part of the world for us and for the future!

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